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Cooking On The Tables with Chef Rob is a 30 minute cooking variety show that will focus on soul food from many cultures. Watch our cool and fresh cook and while Chef Rob is cooking a DJ will be spinning and mixing marinating the food with beats. Each week Chef Rob will feature a different DJ from across Canada.

The show will open with Chef Rob explaining the soul food dish he is going to cook on the show, and introducing the guest DJ for that episode.

As Chef Rob prepares the dish he instructs carefully how the dish is made similar to other cooking shows, in this case however the DJ is also performing a mix as Chef Rob cooks. The audience will enjoy both delicious cooking and hot music.

The show will have a split screen look to it. Some shots will be on Chef Rob as he cooks, some shots will be on the DJ performing.

By the end of each episode the audience will have learned how a soul food dish is prepared by a Chef Rob all while listening to a fresh beat by a Canadian DJ.


CUT is looking for you with an open calling to all deejays (DJ) from across Canada, be featured in an episode. Send in your CV & Deejay resume to: its time to be cutting edge!

Cooking On The Tables coming soon in development!